GIRLBOSSTOWN is a digital brand created to inspire and entertain the large community of pop-culture obsessed millennials who express themselves through style. By story telling through fashion and past iconic events, GBT offers insight on how an individual can achieve their own type of BOSS status- just like all the Badass Babes that came before us.

Our Mission

GBT has a Carrie Bradshaw tone mixed with modern day social media. With the rising addiction of nostalgic 90s-2000s pop culture scenes and gossip, GBT brings fun and new ways to feel inspired. Alongside infamous fashion choices and tabloid scenarios, we modernize the brand with offering up tidbits about what we’re currently obsessing over (products, tv shows, etc).

GBT is about how real life fashion meets pop culture and how to take that seemingly shallow information to become empowered within. It is also a window into the lives of the two of us who dedicate way too much of our free time researching these topics. Our passion for the industry, and personal experience, allows us to believe we’re not the only ones who get a smile while watching E! News interviews, or stress about making the right choices on final sale items.

We’re here to open up the conversation in a location that’s often overlooked to show that anyone, anywhere can feel like they’re walking a Red Carpet. We’ll talk about everything between styling tips to old movies and the how the role of the Hollywood “role models” play apart in our everyday life. We’re asking our followers to take a time out of their busy lives and step into the La La Land we created to feel joy and have a lasting feeling of community for the rest of the day, or until the next post comes out.